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Business Strategy Days

Ever feel like you can’t remember why you started your business?

The tiredness, the lack of connection to it and your people, the being annoyed by your clients… it all just sucks. This is not what you had envisioned.

Wouldn’t it feel great waking up every day knowing you are on the right track?

To stop being stuck in the cycle of being an employee of what was supposed to be your dream business, instead choosing to be the magical, bad-ass boss that you really are. I know there seems to be no time for you to use your intuition and create, but that is all about to change.

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Business Building Services

Have our amazing team build out all the pieces of your business for you. When the ILISSA & Co. team works with you we are doing it from a strategic standpoint of incorporating your SELFF into a mix of the customer's experience and business success.

We offer all branding services, from graphic design to photography.

We also have a very strategic, relationship-based, social media team!

Tech setup services & virtual assistant services (websites, Thrivecart, learning platforms and more) are also available.

Right now you have to email us to tell us about your project, but we swear more web pages are coming soon!

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