Don’t Sh*t Your Pants, It’s Just a Facebook Live

Raise your hand if you are terrified of doing a Facebook live video. 

Hey, guess what? Me, too!
And yet, I do them all the time!!

I was recently asked how I do Facebook Lives without being scared, and I was like, “girl, what are you talking about? I am nervous every time.” In fact, I never go back and rewatch them. They are like my little babies, set free into the world just the way they should be Lol. No going back, what is done is done.

The key is confidence.

The key is confidence. Realize that people are watching you because you are good at what you do. In fact, you’re probably great at it. You have to believe in yourself, and everything will be fine. Fake that confidence until it just flows out of you like sunbeams. It will come.

If you feel like you are paralyzed at the thought of doing one on your biz page, do a test run on your personal page to your friends. Introduce your business and get them to check that out, tell them what you do and how you’re making a difference. They already love you and it’s fine if you goof with them.

If you feel nervous about your surroundings, know that when I do my monthly planning live videos, I super clean my office the day before (ok, sometimes it is minutes before) and there is a whole stash of toys just off camera. We aren’t all perfect. Pick a place where you feel comfortable and can talk confidently. If you’re doing the video outside, be sure you have a strong internet connection and that there isn’t a lot of background noise (hello dump trucks and lawnmowers).

Give yourself a written, quick bullet list of what you’re going to be talking about. It can be easy to go off on a tangent. Also, don’t wait for people to join at the beginning of the broadcast. Take that first minute or two to introduce yourself and what you do. Then talk a little bit about what you’re going to be discussing and then dive in!<

I am like 1000% confident in what I do and what I teach, still nervous when I do the Lives. But I do them. They are awesome and people love them. Just be yourself and you’ll be totally fine.

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