Is your Vision Board Busted™?
Live Class, Dec. 13 at 8pm EST
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How many years now has it been that you've made the pretty little vision board and tucked it away hoping those tiny images would come to fruition?

And at the end of the year you might come across it and maybe one thing has happened but the rest still seem like far off pipe-dreams?

There's a different way to do it that works!

In this class you'll learn...

  • How to figure out what you really want and what is just a projection of the things around you (AKA: How to get out of your own way!)
  • The steps you can take to awaken the board and make those dreams happen
  • How to use and display the board so it's there to remind you (Canva templates included!)
  • Different tactics that people use in addition to their boards to recenter throughout the year
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How do I know this works?

Because I started doing it 7 years ago and still do it every single year. A handful of years back I was the Girl at the Gas Station™, making $18k a year, working 40+ hours a week, getting up at 3am to be to work for 4am, then working other jobs to supplement. I did everything I could possibly do to change my situation and nothing was working. I was so, so stuck. I just constantly felt like I was drowning.

Using vision boards and SELFF planning has...

  • Taken me through an amazing healing journey
  • Released me from a non-working marriage & be supporting my daughter + myself on my own
  • Helped me grow my business to a 6-figure level (and now I'm growing a team!)... and I say that so that you know it's a possibility for you, too. Not to be braggy, but holy shit there are months that I make more in a month than I did in a year and I work WAY less!
  • Let my other business run on auto-pilot through referrals
  • Have trust in myself and the universe that things are working out
  • Create a supportive community of friends, family & clients
  • Stay true to my authentic self and have joy in my work... I am actually excited to get up every day and work with my clients and I am not afraid to turn down those that aren't a good fit!
What is a vision board going to do for you?
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