And so it begins

Ah, the first blog post is here. So much pressure. Let's start off with an introduction to who I am and how I got to be so kick-ass at helping biz owners get their shiz together.

So a few years ago I was a terrible planner. I struggled to realize my true life potential and it seemed like I was doing all the things I was supposed to be doing but I wasn't getting anywhere. I was burned out, running multiple businesses and barely making any $$ to show for it. Not the typical American dream that all the FB ads are showing you how it's supposed to be. 6 figures definitely weren't in my bank account, and it definitely wasn't the size of my jeans either (why is food so delicious??). I just couldn't figure out who I wanted to be "when I grow up".

It was probably compounded by the fact that I felt like a total loser. The traditional route of college after high school just didn't work out for me. I started college on an almost full scholarship, and within a few weeks basically I instantly knew it wasn't the right path for me. I didn't know what I wanted to do, other than please everyone else, and I certainly didn't want to pay $1,000's to do that. Fast forward a handful of years, I had some idea of what I thought I wanted to do. Own a retail baby store. Eventually I scrounged enough $ together from a tax return and a credit card to start it. I also was pregnant and incredibly sick the entire time (yay). The store survived our first year, until I realized this was not what I wanted for my family. Retail is hard folks, especially with an infant. This whole time I was building my network up of some incredible women business owners. I was really helping them along with their businesses and watching them blossom. But again, just couldn't get my own shiz together. 

Since I was in a billion FB business groups for how to make all the $$ I kept seeing posts come around about the amazing Lara Casey and her PowerSheets. I bought a workbook immediately... and plowed through the amazing prep work (which helped me a ton personally and with my biz goals). I knew I had some amazing skills, I just didn't know how to structure my goals or not spend all my time treading water with clients and not moving my biz forward.

First year with the workbook.... started off very motivated... completed about 7 out of 12 months of prep work. Ugh, so frustrating. Like why can't I just get my shit together, like ever. I can't even complete a workbook section once a month for a year. I was also using a monthly planner to map out my big tasks for each month. Again, not a hard core daily planner kind of gal. Just couldn't make that big jump yet. Definitely gained a lot of traction doing that, though. Baby steps.

I liked the inside me, but the outside me was someone I felt like I didn't know at all.

I liked the inside me, but the outside me was someone I felt like I didn't know at all. Then I read Carry On Warrior and then Love Warrior, both by Glennon Doyle, and these books literally saved my life. I took a mini-class on mindfulness that our local supermarket put on and I had the courage to speak up about something. My anxiety. How do you keep things in check when you want it to all happen right now? And this is what he said, another life changing moment for me... 

"Anxiety is thinking we have control over the future."

"Anxiety is thinking we have control over the future. We don't. You just have to live in the moment." He also mentioned this great acronym S.T.O.P. that I use now all the time for dealing with my anxiety. 

S: Stop what you're doing
T: Take a breath
O: Be Open to emotions & thoughts
P: Pause before acting

Anyways, so that was another turning point for me. Like, I just have to live little by little and take one day at a time. Do my best each day and then tomorrow is a new day. 

Insert Year 2 of Powersheets, I take it way more seriously and I keep using a monthly planner to plan out my bigger pieces I wanted to accomplish each month. Read a few more amazing books, like Lara Casey's latest release, Cultivate. HIGHLY recommend this one. Also, Tara Mohr's Playing Big. Both were huge for my mindset.

How many times does this exact scenario play out for you... I am sitting with a friend and she is discussing a client with me and she is stuck on what direction to take their project. Here's what I say to her, "So here's my idea. If you don't like it no worries, just wanted to throw it out there. {told her my idea}. Again, if you don't like it you don't have to use it, but was thinking that it would give a great spin on things." Her, "That is a great idea! I am totally going to use it, thanks!" Uhhh wtf are you doing Ilissa, why are you downplaying your awesomeness?! Lightbulb moment.

Halfway through this year I started using a daily planner using a sticky notes method to get started (more coming soon on this!). I also decided at the beginning of the year that I was going to take care of myself. This meant visiting the dentist after a long hiatus. Making all those long put off doc appointments. And I managed to do all that and I lost 40lbs doing it my way. Lower carbs, lower sugar, more water, walk a lot. Little tiny steps, they all add up. This is also the year I came up with 52Freshies, right before my 30th birthday. Welcome to 30. I immediately knew this was me. Year after year I had written in my Powersheets, "Help people," as one of my passions and goals. I started not downplaying my awesome, believed in myself, got focused and I kept using Powersheets; that year I more than doubled my income. 

Welcome to Year 3. Use Powersheets every single month so far. Decided I am worth it. Make huge strides across all the businesses I run. 2018 is year 3 and we are only in April, and I am killing it!

Not to say that all my planning expertise has come in just the past 3 years, no, no, no, my friend. I have gained these skills over the past 8+years running multiple businesses and taking and teaching 100's of classes across numerous biz topics. Doesn't hurt to have a creative side, too (unless you're trying to get things done and have all the ideas LOL, I see you there). Some days I still totally struggle with the imposter syndrome, the wtf am I doing, the anxiety of is this right? Everyone is a work in progress. You can do this, too.

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