SELFFmade Strategy Day

Blow your business out of the box
and get out of your own way

I'm Ready!

Ever feel like you can’t remember why you started your business?

The tiredness, the lack of connection to it and your people, the being annoyed by your clients… it all just sucks. This is not what you had envisioned.
Wouldn’t it feel great waking up every day knowing you are on the right track?
To stop being stuck in the cycle of being an employee of what was supposed to be your dream business, instead choosing to be the magical, bad-ass boss that you really are. I know there seems to be no time for you to use your intuition and create, but that is all about to change.
What would it feel like to…
Have a consistent, heart-led business where you feel safe and can trust that you’re going in the right direction?
Have a sustainable business that almost allows you to be in two places at once?
Have ease and flow come naturally to your work?
SELFF has literally exploded my life
I’m ILISSA and I’m here to walk you through my SELFFmade Biz Magic method to get back to having that business that works for you, that serves you. I have a unique super power. I have the ability to see people like no one else and I have the capacity to unleash your inner awesome that you don't even know exists.
I use this exact method year after year to stop hiding myself, grow my own businesses and trust my intuition. Now I have been teaching it to countless entrepreneurs.
SELF has been able to help my clients and myself…

 Break out of the feast v.s. famine cycle, to know the money is coming and how to create from a place of knowing v.s. guessing what will work.

 Have actual schedules that work for us. I know your schedule is all over the place, let’s reign it in.

 Enjoy a vacation where you aren’t worrying about the biz burning to the ground or to be at the soccer fields and not be tethered to your phone.

 Recognize what is actually important to them and clear the outside noise from their heads so that they can create from a heart-centered place.

 Not be paralyzed by the fear of the tech tools! Did you choose the right tool? Is it set up correctly? Is it being used to the fullest it can be? I know these thoughts make you not make the decisions.

She unlocked something big for my dreams…
Working with Ilissa for goal planning has helped me stay completely focused in growing my business. She unlocked something big for my dreams in a planning session with me. My long term goal is to contribute to my community through education and scholarship and I didn't even realize but that was exactly what I needed to drive me. She was able to hit that target so well because she took time to get to know me. Since working through the personalized goal planner she gave me for my business and life and since our one on one sessions together, I've been able to reach my goals in order to reach the long term goal of helping others. Ilissa is a steady support and encourager. I'm a Mama, a business owner, a student, and I work in the field of perinatal integrative support so that fact she could step in and be such a vibrant supporter for me was huge. Thanks Ilissa!

During your SELFFmade Strategy Day we spend the day together

(this can be either virtually or in-person)

Working through your SELFF to identify what really lights you up so that you can get out of that employee cycle

★ Creating out of the box offers around those ideas and coming up with your Magical Money Spigot™ so that you can leave the feast vs. famine cycle

★ Mapping your next steps so that you have a clear, concise, actionable plan to take your next opportunities effortlessly and without having to second guess yourself

I am going to paint the vision so clear for you that you just get to walk right into it.

After our powerful session, you'll also get...

A custom Tech Miracle Map™ implementation plan to save you the hassle of having to identify which works with what and how
30-Days of Voxer access to me for any lingering questions or thoughts that need feedback — never stay stuck again
Lighting a fire in my soul to take things to the next level...
Working with Ilissa has been amazing. She began by getting to know me and my business and gave my logo a facelift that let onlookers know we're an apparel store at first glance. I love the look and vibe of the new logo, she really did an awesome job. I also work with Ilissa to grow my business in general. She really helps get me organized and is always lighting a fire in my soul to take things to the next level. Ilissa is very knowledgeable in lots of programs and techniques when it comes to planning and organizing. She's helped guide me into some new areas of marketing and lets me know about some local opportunities to set up at expos and get my brand in front of new potential customers. I truly can only say positive things from my experience from working with Ilissa. Ilissa has a passion for helping others, she has shown that she will do everything she can to help me succeed as an entrepreneur. I can say that I've not only grown my business from my experience with ILISSA & Co., but also gained a friend. I highly recommend Ilissa.

Ready to make your success map with a big detour around the land of shoulds + supposed-to’s? Ready to feel excited and empowered about your life again?

Leave our day together feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders, feeling refreshed with a plan to go forward and knowing you are easily capable of making all your dreams happen!
Investment $2995

5-Hour SELFF Accelerator Day with ILISSA

★ SELFFmade Biz Magic workbook & class series

★ Next Steps Map

★ Custom Tech Miracle Map™

★ Your Magical Money Spigot™ offer

★ 30 Days of Voxer Access

* Split pay option available

This isn't for everyone...

  • If you don’t have clients yet, this might not be the right time for this offer, but contact me and I will absolutely let you know if it would work for you
  • If you are not ready or open to change and fresh ideas; this day has been created to take you to that next level and that takes some faith in yourself, trust and determination
  • If you’re looking for a get rich quick solution; this is all about creating a foundation for a business that you want for the long term

What is the Magical Money Spigot™?

Your Magical Money Spigot™ is that one offer you can literally sell in your sleep. When you need some extra cash, you just turn it on. This might be a class, this might be an audio recording or a video, some sort of special offer… I will pull out something fun for you and you can turn it on & off… or let it run all the time!

Tell me about my Tech Miracle Map™…

Your Tech Miracle Map™ is a custom list of the tools and connections you need to run your business the most efficiently and effectively. This is not a huge list of really expensive tech. It might be some small suggestions to tech you’re already using, or a way to use a piece of tech that you might not have ever thought of. I dig into your onboarding process, the behind the scenes stuff that you’re using and more! Your business should be working for you, not you having to work for it.