Unleash Your 2024 Business Vision: Join My One-Day Intensive!

Calling All Bold, Visionary Women Entrepreneurs!

Are you ready to step into 2024 with purpose, passion, and a clear roadmap for success? Join me for a power-packed, immersive day of transformation at our exclusive one-day intensive workshop, SELFFie Day!

It's happening December 16, 10am-3pm EST (and yes, there will be replays!)

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This is not your ordinary planning day...

It's equal parts woo-woo, strategy and out of the box mayhem.
Here's what the day will look like...

🌟 Success Vision Workshop  Unravel the ties that bind you and harness your unlimited potential. Dive deep into overcoming limiting beliefs, paving the way for true empowerment in your entrepreneurial journey.

🌟 Empowered Views Workshop  Become a thought leader in your industry! Discover how your unique perspectives can be your business's magnetic force, attracting success and fostering growth.

🌟 Life Goals: Vision Board Busted Workshop  Create a vision board that's more than a collage—it's your personal roadmap to a life you adore. Learn the secrets to making vision boards that truly manifest your goals and get my Canva template!

🍽️ Lunch Break  Enjoy a nourishing break, share your vision boards, and engage in a lively Q&A session with fellow visionary entrepreneurs.

🌟 Financial Mindset Workshop  Master your financial mindset! Set achievable financial goals and gain the tools to make 2024 your most prosperous year yet.

🌟 Friction: Basics of Human Design Workshop  Discover the key to effortless work flow! Explore how understanding your Human Design type can revolutionize your business efficiency and energy management.

🌟 Crafting Your Next Year Plan  Let's craft your personalized 2024 business plan! Get a sneak peek at future trends and learn to implement the SELFF method for a year of aligned success.

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Don't miss this opportunity to kickstart your 2024 business goals. Secure your seat and pave the way for a year filled with purpose, profits, and pure entrepreneurial joy!

There are 2 ways to join... which is the right path for you?

Join us for the entire SELFFie Day on December 16, 2023 (10am-3pm EST). Yes, replays are included!

The day will be held on Zoom with plenty of time for questions and actually workshopping your ideas. No more learning and not taking action!

Join Us for Just $99

You get EVERYTHING in SELFFie Day plus 30 days of Voxer access to Ilissa to ask questions and get ideas as you formulate your 2024 plan of attack.

Note, Voxer access is available Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EST from Dec 16-January 16, 2024 (minus major holidays). If you haven't used Voxer before, it is a free walkie-talkie type app.

SELFFie Day + Support for just $499
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