In the best-selling, "Now Leaving Numb," Ilissa Goman shares her remarkable journey of triumph over emotional addiction, guiding women entrepreneurs on a transformative path to authenticity and success. With a deeply personal and relatable narrative, Ilissa weaves her own experiences of overcoming abuse, depression, and anxiety into the fabric of her empowering SELFF method. This method, encompassing Success Vision, Empowered Views, Life Goals, Financial Mindset, and Friction, provides practical tools and insights to help readers fall back in love with their work and create the life of their dreams.

Through relatable stories and thought-provoking activation sections, readers are invited to reflect on their own lives and business journeys. Ilissa's self-taught expertise, from being The Girl at the Gas Station to owning a thriving business strategy and marketing company, serves as inspiration and proof that transformation is within reach. The book includes activation section questions for personal growth, along with a specially curated music playlist and an illustrated map to infuse joy and excitement into the transformative process.

"Now Leaving Numb" is a guidebook for women entrepreneurs, or those aspiring to become entrepreneurs. It is a roadmap for reclaiming authenticity, overcoming mental blocks, and embracing one's true self in the pursuit of business success. With this book as a companion, readers will be empowered to unlock their full potential, create a thriving business aligned with their passions, and design a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.