Grow Slow, It’s Ok: A tale of two peony bushes

So a few years back I bought these two peony plants. I planted them on either side of this flowering tree we have in an existing garden bed. Just planted them in their spots for symmetry, not much thought to it. Well it turns out one is slightly more shaded in the morning than the other. It is crazy how much of a difference this makes in the early part of the growing season. I’ve included pics here taken on the same day.


As the season goes on they even out and they both end up growing huge and making these gorgeous, giant flowers.


I think this natural growing cycle really just illustrates beautifully a few points in life.

  1. It’s ok to grow slow. We all get to our perfect place at the right timing.
  2. Sometimes being in the darkness does hinder that growth, though.


Point 1: Sometimes we hold ourselves back while we keep thinking that we should be further ahead in this life. Stuck in the wheel of comparison; their stuff is better, I’ll never be there, it’s taking too long. Stop yourself. As long as you’re taking steps, then you’re moving forward. Each step builds on the next and then eventually you’re at your goal. Sometimes good stuff takes time to grow. Even if that wait is painfully slow, it’s still growing. You just have to believe.

Point 2: Keep your head in a place of light and positivity. Like I just said before, you just have to keep thinking and believing that things are working out. And guess what, they are. What if the one shaded peony bush said to itself, “That other bush is way bigger and is growing so much better. I give up.” The world would be left without the beautiful flowers it was producing. It was doing a great job. We all deserved the contributions it was making. Stay positive.


Love you all. Keep reaching for those goals and challenging yourself. Shine on,




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