Have you ever dreamed of pursuing that little idea that has been picking at your brain for years? That idea that you could talk to people for days about. The one that would make you enough money to be able to stay home with your kids. The little thing that makes your heart sing.

The one that you’re slightly terrified to do.

But what if people don’t like it? What if no one likes you? What if you’re not really an expert yet? What if you become super overwhelmed and just can’t decide what to do next so you shut down in a heaping mess and watch reruns of your favorite Bravo shows all day? (I mean, I can’t be the only one, right?!)

Good news. There’s a much easier path for you and it will leave you with…

→ Feeling confident in your authentic voice and your business idea
→ A brand identity to be proud of (hello pretty logo + website concepts)
→ Proven ways to monetize your idea and provide for your family in a way that feels good to you

Building a business you love doesn’t have to mean you need to struggle every day. You should actually love the work you’re doing and you should be able to support yourself doing it. Are you ready to decide to make the change? Let’s chat so we can discuss the magical sorcery that is heading your way!

I don't ever want you to be stuck at square 1 ever again. I want to help you find something so meaningful to you that it won't always feel like work, and so that you can thrive and make a living doing it. I want you to know your contributions to this world matter. That by recognizing and using what you are good at, that you can accomplish anything you want to. You are in the driver's seat of your life.

So, how does this magic work?


You're most likely a woman, who owns a biz or has a biz idea, yet you're just stuck. You can't figure out your next steps, you might be really overwhelmed, or you are just trying to find your footings.


I make you do some dig-deep homework on a few core areas so that you really find what matters the most to you and then I mesh that into your business mission. Giving you a biz you love.


Together we map out some things that are super important in this journey; including a timeline of what needs to happen when so that you hit your goals, a list of the important tech pieces needed and more! Yes, you can even have me help you with the tech pieces.


I continue to kick your butt on the things we talked about (over video call and email) for at least 3 months so that you are held accountable to your plan and we can tweak those goals and strategy as needed.

"Working with Ilissa for goal planning has helped me stay completely focused in growing my business. She unlocked something big for my dreams in a planning session with me. My longterm goal is to contribute to my community through education and scholarship and I didn't even realize but that was exactly what I needed to drive me. She was able to hit that target so well because she took time to get to know me. Since working through the personalized goal planner she gave me for my business and life and since our one on one sessions together, I've been able to reach my goals in order to reach the longterm goal of helping others. Ilissa is a steady support and encourager. I'm a Mama, a business owner, a student, and I work in the field of perinatal integrative support so that fact she could step in and be such a vibrant supporter for me was huge. Thanks Ilissa!"

Amy Czadzeck, owner, To The Moon and Back

"Working with Ilissa has been amazing. She began by getting to know me and my business and gave my logo a facelift that let onlookers know we're an apparel store at first glance. I love the look and vibe of the new logo, she really did an awesome job.

I also work with Ilissa to grow my business in general. She really helps get me organized and is always lighting a fire in my soul to take things to the next level. Ilissa is very knowledgable in lots of programs and techniques when it comes to planning and organizing. She's helped guide me into some new areas of marketing and lets me know about some local opportunities to set up at expos and get my brand in front of new potential customers. I truly can only say positive things from my experience from working with Ilissa and 52Freshies. Ilissa has a passion for helping others, she has shown that she will do everything she can to help me succeed as an entrepreneur. I can say that I've not only grown my business from my experience with 52Freshies, but also gained a friend. I highly recommend 52Freshies."

Caryssa Ahigian, owner, MiMi Bands

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