Grow Slow, It’s Ok: A tale of two peony bushes

So a few years back I bought these two peony plants. I planted them on either side of this flowering tree we have in an existing garden bed. Just planted them in their spots for symmetry, not much thought to it. Well it turns out one is slightly more shaded in the morning than the other. It is crazy how … Read More

That Time I Thought I Was a Bad Mom

For a while (like the first 3 years of her life) I thought I was a bad mom. We didn’t have money to put my daughter in daycare while I worked on my business(es). She came with me to my baby store I owned when she was 2 weeks old. No other options.

Flip Your Inner Script

Do you sometimes get stuck in the never ending mental loop of….

“I’m not good enough for this. I’m never going to make it. She’s doing so much better than me. Why can’t it be my turn? I just really suck at this game of life.”

Stop yourself. Flip that script. Would you tell your best friend those things? No. Absolutely not. So stop saying them to yourself.