Ready to create a business that you love (and that loves you back)?

My name is ILISSA and my superpower is that I see the unique brilliance in people. I am able to see and map the possibilities, which is an amazing skill for my business (and a weird kryptonite for my dating life LOL).

I work with those who favor the bold. The out of the box thinkers who know there is more out there but are unsure of the way to get wherever “there” is.

As someone who has built my business from the ground up, I had to learn it all. I made the pivots, I took the brave path, I worked my way out of my comfort zone and am so excited to share those same steps with you.

The old me, the girl busting her ass at the gas station for pennies, would never believe the girl I am now. I have made more some months now than I made in a whole year there, doing now what I love and sharing my brilliance with the world.

I am here to help you make your success map with a big detour around the land of shoulds + supposed-to’s. I know the things out there that await you and I am here to tell you that it is entirely possible to make all your dreams come true.

Let's Do This!

Founder, ILISSA & Co.

Business Strategist
Author & Speaker
Level One HeartHealing™ Practitioner

The Team
Amber Chaves

Social Media Strategist & Implementor
+ Confidence Coach

Hannah Hutter

Brand Photographer
(Dallas, TX & NY based)

Caryssa Ahigian

Social Media Manager and Brand Photographer
(NY based)

Courtney Fogarty
Virtual Assistant
Stacy Quinn
Social Media Assistant & Visual Merchandiser