Where innovators, rebels, and disruptors come to make their dreams come true.

Go from doing all the things to being the next big thing!

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Where innovators, rebels, and disruptors come to make their dreams come true.
Go from doing all the things to being the next big thing!

You’ve probably been sold the “success” pipedream but what does that really look like for you?

If you're like most solo-preneurs, you are probably overwhelmed and thinking...

  • I should have an email list I am sending out daily updates to
  • I should have the perfect sales funnel
  • I should have products from this price to that price
  • I should be cheap + affordable, but also very pricey, but not too pricey
  • I should be on all the social media channels with a different strategy and content, posting for each multiple times a day
  • I should have hit 6+figures by now...

Have you decided that you need to "hustle" more to make it happen? Have you surrendered to hours of "figuring things out" only to stay hidden behind your desk? Is this really the successful life you envisioned or want?

My guess is that it is not.

What if you could create a business that allows you…
  • TIME for taking a beach vacation, sans the laptop or worries that your biz is burning to the ground without you there
  • To be able to have creative space in your business instead of always being the boss, so that you can come up with those HUGE IDEAS you always have and then promptly forget about or back burner till some other day
  • Those MOMENTS with your kids where you have turned off your biz brain and can focus solely on your family and enjoying them
  • Clients who are SUCCESSFUL in working with you and that you LOVE to work with
  • Not have to worry about the MONEY because it consistently comes in because you're actually excited about what you're selling

My goal for you is to dismantle all those SHOULDs and replace them with the real WANTS that you have for your definition of success. Your business should be working for you. It should be made of you.

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Are you ready to break-up with struggle and finally invite in the business relationship you've been dreaming of?

It took me so many years to figure out what I wanted to do in this world. Then once I figured that out, I had to figure out how to monetize that and trust myself to bring it to fruition.

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lighting a fire in my soul to take things to the next level

Working with Ilissa has been amazing. She began by getting to know me and my business and gave my logo a facelift that let onlookers know we're an apparel store at first glance. I love the look and vibe of the new logo, she really did an awesome job.

I also work with Ilissa to grow my business in general. She really helps get me organized and is always lighting a fire in my soul to take things to the next level. Ilissa is very knowledgable in lots of programs and techniques when it comes to planning and organizing. She's helped guide me into some new areas of marketing and lets me know about some local opportunities to set up at expos and get my brand in front of new potential customers. I truly can only say positive things from my experience from working with Ilissa and Co.. Ilissa has a passion for helping others, she has shown that she will do everything she can to help me succeed as an entrepreneur. I can say that I've not only grown my business from my experience with Ilissa, but also gained a friend. I highly recommend working with her.


blew my expectations out of the water
Ilissa was truly a godsend! I had no idea what building a website would be like and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own with my work schedule and my lack of a knowledge base behind website design. I told her all about my brand and who I was and how I wanted that to be shown on my site and she blew my expectations out of the water. It is so professional looking and so easy to navigate for my clients! She always got back to me so quickly and made any changes necessary so I would be happy with the website. I can’t thank her enough!!

excited & engaged
Ilissa is a fresh breath of air to work with! She truly hears what you are saying, becomes excited and engaged and soon returns with helpful thoughts, goals, visuals and even websites (she is amazing at building websites!)! The personalization is amazing! Thank you for all you do Ilissa!

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